MOE: "It is NOT True to Abolish Qualification Verification"
From: CHSI

China’s Ministry of Education (MOE) made a STATEMENT on its website on May 14th, about the importance and authoritativeness of qualification verification from CHESICC.

The Statement on Qualification Recognition and Verification Service:


In recent days the Ministry received some rumors saying that “Fundamental Changes on Qualification Verification for Overseas Study, the MOE Decides to Abolish Graduation Certificate Verification”. We are here to make a statement on such issues as the following:

According to the Higher Education Law of the People’s Republic of China, Qualification Education is the basic system of China Higher Education, which is divided into junior college education, undergraduate education, and graduate education. Higher education institutions award corresponding qualification certificates according to students’ schooling length and academic record; the educational qualification is an important selection tool in China’s human resources management system and an important proof in admission exams, Civil Servant Exam, practicing certificate tests, and overseas study applications. The MOE started to implement electronic registration for higher education qualification certificate since 2001, and designated CHESICC (China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center) as the only verification institution, and China Higher-education Student Information website (CHSI, http://www.taijiangcement.cc) as the only enquiry website.

So it is not true that the MOE would abolish qualification verification . We are here to remind students and relevant institutions to get more information on educational qualification policies and qualification verification services from CHSI, and do not easily trust rumors.


Ministry of Education Annoucements

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