South African Education Delegation’s Visit to CHESICC
From: CHSI

Mr. Ghaleeb Jeppie, Chief Director for International Relations of the Department of Higher Education and Training of South Africa, accompanied by delegates from South Africa Qualifications Authority (SAQA), Engineering Council of South Africa, and Embassy of South Africa in China, paid a visit to CHESICC on 27 June. Dr. Lei Chaozi, Director-General of CHESICC, and Mr. Ning Xiaohua, Deputy Director-General warmly welcome the South African education delegation.

There was a consensus having been reached in the field of qualification verification during Mr. Jeppie and SAQA delegation’s last visit to CHESICC in September, 2013. At this time, we made a thorough introduction to China higher education system, vocational education development path, qualification verification and evaluation, and the relations among qualification, degree, and professional qualification certificates, etc. There was also exchange and communication of the higher education qualification mutual-recognition framework agreement between China and South Africa during this meeting.

Mr. Lei Chaozi expressed that as both members of the BRICS and developing countries, China and South Africa shares a number of issues and challenges in education development, hence we two organizations should strengthen communication, mutual-learning, and interaction.

It is known that there are currently over 2000 South African students studying in China. CHESICC’s verification services have significantly provided a strong support and assurance to serve for the students’ further study and employment when going back to South Africa. Mr. Jeppie expressed his willingness to enhance the cooperation with CHESICC and his expectation to our next meeting.

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